We Cannot Withhold Love

If I can think of one anthem that has rung through my head nearly every day of 2013 it would be this quote above. So when I returned from Guatemala with some very clear images and pictures of this in my mind and heart, I decided to put it to paper as a reminder.

Since returning from Guatemala again, I’ve been pondering a lot. The above statement came to me very clear one day as I looked at this picture Brad snapped of me while I was hugging this lady. And I remember her sobbing, and soaking my shirt for what seemed like forever. We had just built beds for her 3 kids, and she was scheduled to have some kind of stomach surgery the same week, and she was afraid and hurting. She thanked me over and over and I reminded her we were there because of Jesus, and as I told her that I loved her it hit me….she needed the love more than the beds or anything else.

What about all the chances we have each day, week, year…to forget about ourselves enough to really love someone. To stop playing the safety card long enough to hold someone who is hurting. To be willing to slow down and hug, and listen, or to just be available…for that person to know that God did this, and nothing in the world could stop His love. I don’t want to be the hands that stop His love to protect myself. I was given love that changed my life…and I WILL give it for others to experience what saved me.

And I have many more thoughts on this that have come up in the last month, but I’ll write that later! Let’s pray about this together, and not just think it, but live it!:)

Be a blessing,

Christy 💛



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