“So Free” Single by Christy Beasley and Brad Beasley now on iTunes!

Ooooooh we are SOOOO excited!!! Our long awaited single “So Free” is now available for purchase in the iTunes Store!:) We hope you will hop over there and download it and share it with your friends and family!

This is a song that is very close to my heart, as it is our testimony in many ways of how God has set us free over and over, and how He continues to free us in every area of our lives. We are sooooo thankful for where is He brought us, and where He is taking us…for all the family He has placed in our lives to uphold, protect, love, support, and encourage us in ways we don’t deserve…our hearts are just so full.

Stay tuned this week as I keep the “So Free” theme going with new art to go along with the song as well! My Etsy Shop will be overflowing soon!!!:)

Below is just a “song story” I wrote as I finished writing So Free last year. Enjoy the read to get understanding of how God has used this song and why He gave it in the first place:)

So Free – The Song Story

I’m a girl who loves to have fun and adventure as much as anybody! I try to live my life full of joy, and I love to hear other people laugh and live in happiness too! I truly can’t stand for someone to be downhearted. And from the outside looking in, I’ve probably appeared care-free and soaring to many people. So, it may be surprising to some to hear the reason in God giving me this song called So Free.

Jesus stole my heart when I was 8 years old, and I’m thankful to say that I’ve always walked close to Him and relied on Him all throughout my life. It was a miracle in itself the way that Jesus spoke to me early in life, knowing things I would face and fears I would need help conquering. He committed to me to never leave me, and I knew I could trust Him, and that many times He would be the only one I could trust.

I did face things in my young life that were startling and painful, and I believe that people cope with things in many different ways. Some seem to run to trouble and rebellion, but quite honestly, I really never wanted to do anything wrong and was terrified of getting in trouble! I really loved Jesus sooo much that the thought of disappointing Him or anyone else put a fear in me that definitely kept me by the power of the Holy Spirit! But isn’t it funny how we can mess up even our own good attributes given by God? So in the process of learning early on that I had the ability to make good choices, and to be good, and sweet, and kind, I also learned how to make people happy. There’s obviously nothing wrong with being the kind of person that makes people happy, but my motive developed into one of denying the very nature that God had placed in me to some extent. I had desires and even knowledge placed in me by my Creator, but I would ignore them completely in order to keep peace with other people, and for them to be happy in their lives. Even in being an outgoing girl, I lost my voice in a sense by just letting someone else dictate direction and help me decide what I even liked. I’m not saying all this as if I had nothing to do with it and was under some kind of control, I kind of asked for it. I was more comfortable pleasing others than I was with making a decision that may not be accepted by some and maybe disappointing for others. Even in the little things. I was bound by a fear of failing people, and disappointing anyone. And again, this behavior wasn’t happening off in some sinful or worldly lifestyle. I was allowing this to happen in church, ministry, and every relationship I had. I worked as hard as I could, agreed to things that I really didn’t like, tried to behave in ways that weren’t me at all, and eventually found out…this is not me. This is not what I was created for! I was loved and created by God to be free to love and serve His people! And the difference is, love. Simply being taught that love is what drives us to anything truly good. When we are free to love and be loved, there is no amount of service that burns us out. Love released me to find my own sound, my own God-given nature and voice, and the freedom to not worry about the thoughts of others about me. And that’s where the line came, “you are a little bird, with a big, big sound…it may be soft and sweet, but what I say is loud…child don’t keep me quiet I made you free”. It was time for this little bird to fly free and fearless!

We can quickly find ourselves, even in ministry, doing things and working to extents that God never purposed us to do. Of course I believe that God uses every situation, and teaches us through so many different circumstances. But at some point we have to stop and evaluate…why am I doing what I am doing? Am I a slave to my own desire to see others happy? Am I a slave to the fear that looms over my thought process when I consider breaking free? Do I worry that if I really just let myself be who God made me to be, that those I seek to please will reject me? Am I so afraid of losing people, that I never truly experience the freedom that’s found in real love?

So Free was birthed out of a time where I knew no better way to describe what was happening to me! I felt like a child who was completely worn out and trampled, who lifted her arms as high as she could, and who Jesus Himself reached down and picked up as a father would in rescuing His daughter. And when He picked me up, I was taken way above all the bondage, disappointment of people, and the need to make everyone happy. My chains were broken off by my Father, and I knew I would never have to go back to them…EVER again!!! THAT was the most freeing thing in the whole world! To know I would never have to go back! I am safe. I am held. I am comforted. I am loved. I am SO FREE!!!



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