Oh What a Blessing…Roof Roof!

This post is one of HUGE thankfulness…that words cannot describe…and that our hearts don’t even have enough emotions for.

We own a 1940’s home that actually belonged to Brad’s grandparents back in the day…very cool! His mom was raised here, and it’s on family land right next to his parents current home. We bought this house when we realized that God was calling into ministry, and we love the old cottage feel of it. But as you know, an old house comes with old stuff that needs repairing, and we recently ran up on a serious roof problem that was causing unspeakable moisture issues inside our living space. And then as you hear so often, this kind of thing never happens at a good time, right? But God understands time much better than we do, and money is of no hinderance to Him. In the last year God has really pressed hard on Brad and I about getting debt free so we can be even more free to do the things He is calling us to. So we are full force in the process, and have sold both our vehicles we were paying on, and bought older used cars that we saved up and were able to pay cash for. We definitely aren’t finished with the process, and have a little ways to go, but we are excited about our future. In saying all that, we’ve had to front up a lot of cash lately to pay for vehicles and mission trips, so though we are getting out of debt, it costs a little up front to do so. And then the roof issue hits…

…and unexpected action took place from people closest to our hearts.

We love our “Jesus family” so much…sooooo much. And I have no doubts about their love for us because they prove that daily…and that’s a whole other sermon for another day!;)

I could ramble on and make this story extremely long…but here’s the short version:

Our Jesus family, knowing us, loving us, and seeing into our situation that was hazardous to us, came together without us knowing, and pulled together their finances, arranged a work day, and flat out funded and installed a brand new tin roof for our home!
“Seriously?!”, we thought when we were floored as they told us the day and plan for this endeavor. I mean they had it all figured out! We felt so many emotions, and wondered, “How do we even respond to something like this???” Honestly, we struggled a good deal about accepting something that seemed so huge…but then God reminded us of His love…faithfulness…blessing…and that this is nothing more than His love in action, through people who deeply love us. This is “the church” living out Acts 2:44-47…summarized…they were united, they sold things, pulled together things, and gave it those who had need…with joy…praising God the whole time!

And as I’ve struggled with how to feel like my response to this is even enough, my deepest thoughts and feelings are this:
The fact that people would purchase a roof for us and undergo INTENSE labor to even put the thing on is just WILD to even fathom! Financially and physically, that just takes real GUTS folks. But where this has really hit home for me is rooted deep in love. God has been faithfully proving His love to us for a long time, but really specifically these last 2 years…and I feel like a whole ocean full has just been dumped on our lives! It touches some deep places in me that these people, that I love soooo much and that I’m so thankful for ANYWAY, would recognize our need, and believe in us, care so much for us, and LOVE us so much that they wanted to do this, and that it was a joy to them. When I look at these people, I see God’s church, fully equipped and doing exactly what the nature of the church is supposed to be about. Sharing the gospel, loving His sheep, and equipping and empowering them to grow and serve.

I’m a part of the best family in the whole entire world!!! I’m overcome with love for each of them, and soooooo thankful that this is who I get to live this life with. Not because they built us a roof, but because they love us like we have never been loved…and if I tried to express my love for them in writing it would look like a huge explosion:) I’m seriously busting with joy and love!
So, I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and let you get to the rest of your day:)

…and to my Jesus family reading this…you have our hearts. We love you so much, and there is not a sweeter bunch of folks that we could be blessed with, and we wouldn’t want to walk this earth with anyone else. So THANK YOU!!!!!

And thank you readers for rejoicing with us!

Christy ❤







(side note: I was saddened that last Saturday when they did this, I was away leading worship at a retreat and couldn’t be a part:( But God was so sweet to me, and at this retreat, this is the random journal that was waiting on a bed for me…straight from Jesus I’m certain…)


2 thoughts on “Oh What a Blessing…Roof Roof!

    • christybeasley says:

      Jim & Edna, thank you so much! Mark told me this was his parents! We are so very thankful for them and how much love they show us…we feel so blessed! Thank you for rejoicing with us, we are overjoyed!

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