New Wooden Craft Art in my Shop for Guatemala Missions!

It has been a whirlwind around here lately! As we are closing in on the date for our Guatemala mission trip, along with many other worship services, we have really been kicked in high gear! I’m so thankful for the opportunities to serve Jesus, and that’s why I feel so strongly about helping that go forward with my artwork however I can. As you’ve heard me say, we really believe strongly that we are to be the church, wherever we go, we are His. It’s not a journey to take lightly or to mess around with, but to walk daily in that obedience to God.

Here’s some of my work that is currently for sale or for custom order! If you would like a custom painted bird, or painting of any kind, just let me know! I’m posting these to my Etsy Shop as quickly as I can!
These wooden birds are so special to me! I’ll be doing a special page devoted to my woodworking soon, but in short, I’ve been really blessed by some helpful people who I call family, who have lent me their tools to create things that have been on my heart for a long time. All these wooden pieces you see are hand created by me, from the design, to the cutting, sanding, and painting…and I’m having the time of my life with it! Right now I’m mostly using walnut and cherry woods…love it! As you can tell, I’m kind of in my happy place:)


I have always loved painting and creating fun art including birds, but it really stuck with me as I wrote a song called “So Free” that will be released as a single hopefully in October!:) The song is such a testimony of mine about freedom, being made free by Jesus and unleashed to do whatever it is He calls me to! The above picture is one of the lyrics from “So Free”.



I’m also making mountains…I LOOOOOOVE mountains:)




I have many more ideas up my sleeve for more woodworking fun! Please share my blog with friends and family you think my be interested. I always want my work to encourage, uplift, and to glorify Jesus!

(it also seems that the “link” option isn’t working correctly on my WordPress iPad app at the moment, so I’ll just paste the link for my Etsy Shop below here that you can copy and past into your browser.)

Thank you so much and have a great day!!!

Christy ❤


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