River Baptism Service and MINISTRY Thoughts


We had such a great time Friday night with our Home Church family for our river baptism service! We have been so blessed to witness some amazing miracles through serving together and simply letting the word of God guide our steps as we seek to “be” the church.

He gave these words to us ALL…

“GO therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, TEACHING them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

This is what we have been blessed to witness and take part in over the last 2 years, and it has changed my whole life and the way I understand what ministry really is, and what it is not.

Ministry is not JUST:
– Putting together a great service or program
– Having a great time of worship
– Going to a great camp or retreat
– Talking about missions
– Fellowship and fun
– Working and striving to make church a wonderful experience

…and many other things that roll through my head…

But one thing I DO know that ministry IS…
– GOING and making disciples (as He Himself said in His Word)
– Baptizing them…(as He Himself said in His Word)…but not only that part…
– TEACHING them…(as He Himself said in His Word)…helping them grow

And His Word is chocked FULL of what He considers to be ministry! And we sadly miss it completely if we think we can just do church the way our modern culture says to do it. If we follow that pattern, we will constantly be striving to be bigger and better, and continually have the pressure to meet up to others standards of worship and events and sermons and salvations…And we forget about just sitting down and teaching, discipling, and meeting the deep needs of those right next to us. If we don’t see the importance of making disciples, we might as well just stop right where we are…and then check ourselves deeply. Jesus said to “Go and make disciples”. Why? Because disciples make other disciples, who make other disciples, and on and on. THAT’S how the gospel multiplies and really grows. It takes getting dirty. It takes spending time with people, and being available when it may not be convenient for our schedules. But it’s worth it…it’s our calling…our commission!

THIS is ministry…
THIS is changing a heart…
THIS is changing the world…
THIS is revival…

So simple…

Yet we confuse it with so much extra and then we find ourselves fearful of the basic call…

I encourage you, fellow Christians, to simply spend time in His word so that it’s in you as you naturally do life with those around you. And not to shy away from conversations you may have thought were awkward before. You can rest assured that Jesus hasn’t called us to anything that is not worth it, not possible, and that He won’t equip us for. 🙂

I encourage you, Pastors, to breathe…look around you…see the flock. Love them. Don’t get too bogged down in having to come up with a new strategy for preaching, or keeping up with another pastor’s great series, or numbers, or methods. Yes, preaching is a huge responsibility, but I know if you take care of your heart, what comes out of your mouth with transform those around you. And look out, because you must be ready when it does:) You’re right, there may only be one of you in your particular church, but there are many others in your flock who with the right discipleship and heart will go and change the lives of many…but only if you set the example in how you love and serve the ones God has given you. Please, let your flock love and serve and disciple because their hearts are going to bust when they understand this call! Encourage…and love.

I’m done:)

Also here’s a link to some worship time on the bank of the river singing “Down in the River” by Alison Krauss (as sung in O Brother Where Art Thou 🙂 )
And also here’s a clip of Sam’s baptism. 🙂

I’m so in love with Jesus and thankful for His call…



Be blessed today!

Christy ❤

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