New Prints on Etsy Shop!


Just wanted to share with you real quick tonight the link to my Etsy Shop! I’ve been posting some of my graphic art prints today for sale and I’m quickly adding more! I’ll also be adding more acrylic paintings that I currently have in stock as well!

I’ll go into more detail in the next day or so about the direction I believe I’m headed in for my little art biz! It’s gonna take a little help from my great friends and family helping to spread the word, but I believe my goals are possible!

One of the main reasons I’m pushing a little harder in this season and in the seasons to come is for our missions and studio recording. Again, I’m gonna talk about this a little more in a few days, but I want my followers and buyers to know that every penny I make is going to fund our Guatemala mission trip and the needs down there, and any extra is going straight into our recording fund for the songs we are working on in the studio.

These are exciting, but trusting times. We are putting on faith, and trusting that God is in control!

Please check out my Etsy Shop and pass along on your Facebook pages, Pinterest, or whatever media avenue you enjoy! I so appreciate every one of you!

Be blessed!

Christy ❤

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