Update on “So Free” Studio Recording!


If you’ve been following me at all lately on any form of social media or this blog, you’ve probably heard me go on and and about “So Free”! That’s because it’s one of the most important and meaningful songs to date that God has given me. We’ve prayed long and hard during this current season we are in, as God has continued to pour in new music as He’s flooded us with His love and urging us to GET THIS OUT…and that’s what we are working toward.

For years and years now, as we’ve led our own original songs, I’ve been frustrated by my answer to this common question: “Where can we buy your CD? Are you on iTunes?”…and any other way it could be asked. Don’t get me wrong, this is sooooo encouraging to hear! I am overwhelmed that people want this music, and give all glory to God that I even get to sing what He’s given. But I hated that I always had some excuse as to why we haven’t recorded these yet. Cost too much money…yes. Takes a lot of time…yes. But God has really seemed to get us in gear this year, and I’m happy to say that we are about halfway through the process of having our first single, “So Free” finished! We’ve been working with a producer in Hiawassee, GA named Tony Ford, and Saturday was time for vocals! We went in, and I sang for a few hours, and now we just await the next step! The track will be sent to Nashville for some final drum work and mastering, and we should have it ready to share before long! It just feels good to be able to say, it’s actually on the way. 🙂

Be blessed!

Christy ❤


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