July Celebrations: ‘Merica / Anniversary!

We’ve had a busy July so far, complete with our 13 year anniversary and a fun July 4th ‘Merica Day with the family around the house! First of all, on the anniversary, we keep things simple. I’m a cheap date and love to eat at Chili’s, or really just about anywhere with lots of meat…so that’s what we did:) We are so blessed to have each other and consider each day a special blessing to count!

Then, I’d like to share this video with you from our silly, Beasley ‘Merica Day Celebration…I think it would be fitting to call it that…you’ll know why after watching the short video;)

Brad and I went out and performed some crazy activities for our niece and nephew, Canyon and Cade. It got out of control:)

Here’s the link to YouTube…just watch it:
‘Merica 2013 Video

Hope you all had a great 4th as well!

Be blessed!

Christy ❤

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