When I am Weak, He is Strong

We had a weekend full of downs that led to ups in so many different ways! Thursday afternoon, Brad came home from work feeling really sick, and before we knew it, he was throwing up and about the sickest I’ve ever seen a person at the moment. This lasted all through the night, and left him completely dehydrated, weak, and lifeless on Friday and Saturday. We are pretty sure it was food poisoning, which would be much safer for me since my immune system isn’t the greatest, and I didn’t want any part of what he had going on! But I ended up with my own set of issues. Last week I had a molar and wisdom tooth removed, which wasn’t too awful bad, except for the fact that drinking was a little tougher because you can’t use a straw for a week. So without realizing it, I was slowing dehydrating myself as well and ended up down 5 pounds and in the bed sick on Saturday! We were a messed up pair! Here’s the catcher, we were scheduled to lead worship Sunday morning in Dawsonville, and Sunday night in Gainesville. Those double headers are tough when healthy, so when you’re sick…let’s just say we got a little (or a lot) worried about our predicament. We prayed and prayed…and I can’t tell you how God boosted our faith. While we laid around I felt His Presence in ways that I don’t usually feel Him. It’s a total reliance kind of faith. A faith that says, “Lord, if YOU don’t do something, we can’t…we have no control…it’s all You. If you want us there Sunday, You’ll make us able, and as we beg and plead for healing in our sickness, we trust Your will and what You are doing in it regardless.” This was basically our prayer…over and over and over…all night long…literally. Although we were still very weak, especially Brad, we knew God was going to see us through. We got ready Sunday morning, and on our way there still didn’t quite know how it was going to happen, but God proved faithful, held us up, and to shorten this story, He made Sunday morning and night one of the best moments we’ve had with Him. Not that we had some miraculous feeling or services that were “off the chain” or out of the ordinary. But we knew that the Holy Spirit was the only power we had, and I felt such a love and comfort from Jesus, as if He was saying, “just open your mouth, I got this”.

We serve such a faithful God. He also shared some pretty sweet stuff with me on Saturday as I was laying still. And yes, sometimes I truly believe He has to lay us out and get us still enough to hear the deep things He wants to say. So praise God! We are still recovering but thankful….oh so thankful to be chosen to serve Him! Tonight we go again, in His strength, to Jericho House to worship with and minister to the guys there. We make it through this week and we have vacation right around the corner!

Hope you all have a blessed week, and remember to be thankful in ALL things. Even what seems to be a burden or a road block, God might just be wanting to use it to take you somewhere even deeper, and to fill you even fuller in the midst of your weakness.

Christy ❀



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