Summer Here We Come!


I’ve been saying this since winter…I don’t think I have EVER been as excited about summer as I am this year!!! I don’t know, just seems like it has been an extra cold, busy, and rapid year…and I’m at least ready for an excuse to just stand outside and soak up some warmth even if it’s just for a minute!

Although we do have A LOT on the books for this summer, there’s just something about this time of year that gives you the sense of a “break” (that’s what I’m thinking for now anyway). 🙂

    A few things on the list for this summer:

— Studio recording! We are so excited to be working with a producer to release “So Free” very soon! We are just in the beginning process, so I’m sure this summer will be full of studio time! Please be praying for this endeavor as it can be costly, and what we do often seems to cost us more money than we make;) God is soooo much bigger than that! If you want to listen to our scratch track from our home studio you can HERE:)
— More Songwriting! I’m in a season where it’s coming like crazy! In the midst of a lot of “busy”, I plan on scheduling in some time by the river to let the good stuff flow!:)
— Worshipping leading: We’ll be doing a little traveling this summer to lead worship, and also locally. We are really enjoying this time to get to see what God is doing in His people all over the place! You can keep up with where we are going to be here on my blog at the sidebar.
— Art! I’m getting ready to start a big new series of artwork next week! With our Thanksgiving trip to Guatemala coming up, and the recording of our album, I’m working hard to add a little extra to these important events! More than anything, I love that God allows me to express His love through art!
— Vacation! We are actually going to The Shenandoah Valley in Virginia for a mountain trip this year! We are staying in something that I believe is called a “yurt”…which is like a fancy tent-like thing, and in the case of our resort, they are kind of up in trees! We are blessed that Brad’s parents are part of a time share where we can go somewhere like this for very little cost. We look for to not only a little rest time and outdoor fun, but also opportunities to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus to those He puts us in contact with!:)

So, that’s just a little;) I hope you ALL have a great summer and much time serving Jesus in whatever He calls you to!

Be blessed,

Christy ❤


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