Father’s Day Art!


Guys like art too! Did you know this?! Anyway, I have found this to be true as an artist, and sometimes feel bad for the dudes because so much art is created pretty girlish…(I’m guilty!) Obviously there’s a lot more you can do with art that appeals to the gals, BUT I accidentally stumbled across this form of art recently that I am CRAZY over!!! You may have seen some of my posts about it, and I hate that everyone can’t see these pieces in person! The photos are a little hard to capture because of all the dimensions and glossy shine of the the finish!

Basically, this is what I’m simply calling “Aluminum Art”…because that’s what it is! I get these thick chunks of heavy aluminum, paint the face (I like the black), and once the paint is dried I use some sharp metal tools to etch (scratch) my designs, revealing the metal underneath! Such a fun process! Then I put a really thick and glossy acrylic clear coat over the top to seal it from scratching and really make it shine:) Most of these are really thick (about an inch on average), and are made to stand alone on a desk, shelf, counter top, table, or wherever you like!

And for some reason, I am really hung up on the deer theme lately. Maybe because I’m a woodsy gal, but in any case, I’m hooked for the moment.

They range in prices according to their size! Let me know if you’d like something special for the guy in your life…Father’s Day, or any day!:)

Have a blessed weekend!

Christy ❤

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