The Power of Loving Like Jesus


It’s really amazing once you get out. The people you actually see. The hurt that is really out there. And though it may be surprising as we lead our “normal” and comfortable lives, that the deep hurt and pain is just a few miles from our very homes. (less than that in most cases). It was really kind of shocking to me just how long we can actually go, pretending that we are just who we are, and that we’re just to live these “Christian” lives, and to make our lives as comfortable and safe as possible. But something changed once I realized what living a Christian life really looks like. I mean come on though, I’ve been saved since I was 8 years old and never traveled off on some path away from my Savior. I’ve served The Lord in every way I knew for most of my life! In school I was a part of the Christian clubs, Yclub, FCA, super involved in my youth group, sang in church, went on women’s retreats, even went on a yearly mission trip. I became a worship pastor and youth pastor with my husband, started writing more and more songs, wrote and produced productions, and enjoyed it for the most part. It was what I knew to do. I love Jesus so much and would gladly do anything for Him 100% and strive to give Him my very best!

But the truth is, we are really missing out on a whole lot of living if we don’t really look at what being a Christian really means. “Christian” means to be “like Christ”. It’s not some big explanation or list of things to do in order to be a Christian. But I truly believe that in order to be able to call yourself a “Christian”, being like Him in every way possible should be at utmost importance. And then we are all guilty of trying to be like every person other than Jesus. Is it that people think being like Jesus isn’t fun? Or boring? Isn’t cool? Takes a lot of work? Oh yeah, and takes a lot of energy? Does it put me in situations that could cause me to have to give more of myself than I thought I was ready for? Will people say bad things about me? Will people leave me? Will I get hurt? So my time isn’t my own anymore? I now have to get in uncomfortable situations? I may end up in potentially dangerous environments? I have to face fears that I had hidden for years? I’m told to stand up for the defenseless, the orphan, and the widow? To give to the poor? To lay my life down no matter what the cost?

The answer is YES. And much more than what is listed there! But will you trust me if I tell you there’s more life in giving yours away than in claiming it as your own and telling God what it is YOU want to do. Jesus came to us as a man, in total flesh, and suffered in ways we can’t imagine. He loved people who spit in His face and beat Him until He was unrecognizable. He went into strangers homes, laid hands on the sick, and ministered from town to town, giving of Himself fully, in Spirit and in flesh. People hated Him, hurt Him, wouldn’t give Him the time of day, chose earthly possessions over His Kingdom…and people still do that to Him today.

If we are to be Christ-like, then yes, in many ways THIS is what we sign up for. But I will tell you boldly, that there is more abounding JOY in living like Jesus did than any fleeting fulfillment this world has to offer me. Yes, I have faced heartache like no other in serving Jesus. I’ve been misunderstood and laughed at because of the change of heart that took place when I saw myself through the eyes of my Father. BUT, I have more JOY than I think I can handle most of the time! We all go through battles, but we can face them with joy when we know who is in control and what we are fighting for. I refuse to fight for wealth, fame, fortune, and the honor of people. I just want to be like Jesus, and love ALL the people He loves, and to be willing to GET OUT so that I can see them. I’m seeing God doing amazing things. I’m leading worship on tailgates, in living rooms, rehab programs, 4th grade classrooms, and toxic dumps in foreign countries. And far more important than singing, we are building relationships with God’s sheep, our brothers and sisters, and loving them as we have been loved by Jesus Himself. It just makes my heart so full, and it’s a feeling that is hard to express until you just let go and take part in what God is doing.

We can’t see it all sitting in our comfortable pew, or office chair, or couch. We can have the best intentions to go share the gospel and love on His people, but you have to move and go. We can say “our hearts are to make disciples and tell the world about Jesus…”, but what are you doing? And yes, if you are a Christian, you are called to THIS. It’s not just someone else’s job or calling…THIS is Jesus. THIS is power. THIS is love. THIS is life!

There’s power in loving like Jesus…like no power I’ve ever witnessed in my life…

Go for it!

Christy ❤


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