Worship Catch-up! @ Reach Church

I feel really behind this week! Yikes! It’s been a little busy around here, but that’s all good! I trying to start highlighting some of the places we go to lead worship on my blog, because I love to see God’s kingdom advance, and for people to know where they can go to worship with other believers! The past Sunday we were invited to lead worship at Reach Church in Dawsonville. It wasn’t our first time, and we absolutely LOVE all the people there! I must say, I don’t think I have EVER seen a bunch of guys (yes I said GUYS) so eager and giddy to worship Jesus as we did last Sunday! I was so encouraging from the very moment we stepped in the door to set up and sound check, to see men there early, helping us, and praying for each other. They were already worshipping during sound check! I also noticed them grab the pastor and pray for him just before he took the stage as well. How encouraging that must be for a pastor to have his flock so lovingly see the importance of lifting up their pastor to God before he delivers and important message! Needless to say, worship began, and never stopped. We worshipped the entire 2 hours…and it flew by! I always love to see God show up, not because someone decided they just wanted music the entire time, but because His people came ready to give Him the praise He deserved, and He wasn’t about to stop that…Amen!

So, if you’re looking for a church in the Dawsonville area that is small, real, simple, and full of Jesus lovers (and people lovers), then check out Reach Church. 🙂

We will be at LifePoint church in Gainesville this Sunday! Hope you all have a great weekend, and a great Mother’s Day to all you moms!

Be blessed!

Christy ❤

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