In the Studio: So Free

Finally…we are officially in the recording process again! For over a year we’ve been tinkering on and off in our home studio using Logic Pro 9, but with our busy schedules we’ve had a hard time sticking to it and getting a project finished. We’ve set some goals this year and really looking forward to getting more songs recorded! “So Free” is the name of the song we recorded this weekend! This song means so much to me, so I can’t wait to share the story behind it as soon as we release the track! So exciting!


Friday was a lot of fun! We had our best friends Obe and Amber Brown in the studio with us to shine some light and add a little fun to the track. Obe laid some sweet mandolin and extra guitar tracks that added such a good feel to the mix!

Today was all about vocals and mixing. Sounds easy enough, but that’s some exhausting and brain-frying stuff! Whew! It did rain all day, so it was a perfect excuse for us to stay in and just get it done!

So…now we just listen for a day or two and make sure we don’t hear anything we need to touch up! Hope to have something for you to hear soon!

Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to do what God has called us to in worship and songwriting! The support and encouragement means more than you know!

Be blessed,

Christy ❤

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