Hiding in My Favorite Place


I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how easy it is to get overwhelmed and extra busy, and I always tend to feel it a lot during this season. It’s almost like it’s my tendency to kick it in gear along with all of creation that seems to be springing forth newness! Although it’s a refreshing time, and it’s always good to accomplish new things and set goals that make us move, it can also become a time when life spins out of control and we find ourselves skipping out on the simple moments with Jesus, and time spent just being with just Him. Does it not seem like the enemy uses “busyness” to taunt us? That if we are not “busy”, then we are lazy, unaccomplished, unimportant, and worthless? It has just hit me recently that this lie we believe from the enemy is rampant in most of us! In business, in churches, in parents, and all over. I have been totally guilty of believing that lie and living by it for most of my life! Of course satan wants to keep us out of the quiet place with God, where we can actually hear Him speak, and be patient enough to wait on Him to speak. But we think we don’t have time, right? And I truly believe that this comes from a place of guilt, and feeling bad about sitting still and doing nothing. And maybe for some of us it’s because we aren’t conditioned to sit very long because it’s foreign to us, so we get bored, and distracted, and then feel bad about that! Doing anything out of guilt or a sense of condemnation will never benefit you or your relationship with God your Father. He loves you completely, fully, and totally…forever. He wants you to long to come to Him and sit with Him quietly, and why? Because this would be the outflow of our hearts and our devoted love to our Father. Oh to be so in love with Jesus that He could hold me in a steady gaze in His quiet Presence for hours, and I wouldn’t have missed a second of “my day”!

I think of this verse,

Psalm 118:24 This is the day that The Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

The day doesn’t even belong to us. Have you ever thought about that? I hadn’t, until God brought these words to my heart. The day belongs to the One who made it, so let us rejoice and be glad in it! This day belongs to Him long before I get my hands on it with my crazy little list. I woke up this morning to the birds singing praises to God our Father…and I want to sing with them! I want all of my days to be dedicated to The Lord, and that I will continually come to the place of quietness with Him often, and without guilt. Because the truth is, “my day” is of no good use to the kingdom of God or the people of God if I haven’t been with the Maker of this day!

Our secret life with God should be what makes our lives vibrant, and contagious, so much so that others desire to follow our example…not because of what we do in our day, but because of the evidence of our time well-spent in the quiet place with Jesus.

Stop the glorification of busy…

Get alone with Jesus…

Rest there a while…

and be blessed!

Christy ❀

(These pics are from one of my favorite quiet spaces in my home. I have quiet places outside my home I love as well! But being that I’m here at least for some part of every day, well this one gets used a lot:) Set up a place for yourself that you enjoy, and that you love to come to!)



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