Ode to Saturday: no blood, no sweat, no fun!

Short post tonight, I have reason to be tuckered out!;) Here’s my “Ode to Saturday”:

– We did some spring yard work along with some help by our niece and nephew, Canyon and Cade, who wandered their way over for the activities! (Dooley loves having them, but it sure wears him out!)


– I also took on the daunting task of organizing our bathroom closets and drawers…whew! Glad that one’s over!

– Then, we squeezed in a mountain bike ride and finished just before sunset!

– I had a great wreck…it was seriously great. A narley, dramatic, long fall down a steep rocky section…backwards. It was worth it:)

(That’s the only wound I’m picturing;)

– We love biking together, and I’m so thankful to be back on it after taking some time off when I was sick last year…loving it!:)

Looking forward to doing some studio recording tomorrow…and a new art post is coming up next!

Have a great weekend folks!

Be blessed,

Christy ❤

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