Jazzed-Up Crafted Headphones

Customizing your own headphones?! Yes…and crazy fun! I have the privilege of teaching these sweet girls music/worship every Monday, but this week they wanted to get their crafty on, and I’m NEVER opposed to that request! So here’s our craft…fancy, painted, glittered, funky personalized headphones!:)

Here was my process:
I covered my headphones (all but the ear muff parts of course) with acrylic gesso and let that dry. This lets the paint grab better and cover fully. I painted some parts with neon pink, and after that area dried I covered in Mod Podge, sprinkled on glitter, and after that had dried I covered it ALL in Mod Podge to seal it! The teal color is a glittered acrylic paint I got at Walmart…love it! To finish it off I glued on two little paper guitar graphics on the sides, a few sparkly swarovski crystals, and a pink bow on the top…just for fun!


This was a fun little project, and a much needed brainless activity for me this week. We have a lot on our minds and hearts this week…good things…but deep and heavy at times. I just know God is doing something great and I am very expectant and excited!

This verse came to me today as I was pondering many things:

“Make me hear joy and gladness, that the bones You have broken may rejoice.” Psalm 51:8

Though it’s usually painful, I love how God chooses to use brokenness as a way to bring us joy, and to restore us. A leader in Christ that I respect very much said last week, “God loves you so much, He will absolutely break your heart to pieces in order to love you right to where you need to be.” We need not be afraid of God’s breaking process…it’s always for our good. And He ALWAYS restores us and holds us, and comforts us in the process. Sometimes in making tough decisions I have found that God starts bringing stuff up that we thought had nothing to do with our current decision-making. He makes us look at things from angles we didn’t know existed. He has to get to the core of anything that might side-track or hurt us. Isn’t He a good God?! He is bringing great joy and gladness and I just LOVE how He loves us!:)

Hope you all are encouraged and have a great night!
Be Blessed!

Christy ❤


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