And He Arose in Me…

What a great Easter Sunday!!! I am blown away at God’s continual love and blessings over us, and can’t express how thankful I am for the places and people He has made so important in our lives! God has rocked our worlds in the last 2 years, and I’m truly amazed that the God of the universe, and everything in it, cared enough to see me where I was at, pluck me out, and pick me up. And knowing every single thing that was in my heart, rescued the very core of who I am…and THEN shown a light on it so I could see and understand the depth of His love for me! It’s hard to put into words, but love isn’t just something I believe anymore…I KNOW it now:)

Easter is important to me even far beyond the death and resurrection of our Lord so many years ago…because the same death and resurrection continues on each time someone turns to The Lord and believes on Jesus! I was saved when I was 8, and it was so very real and not only changed my life forever, but I believe it is what saved my life even until now. But you know, Jesus doesn’t just save our lives and leave us alone to grow until He comes back or takes us home. He continues to free us, grow us, free us again, grow us some more…and on and on. I know this to be true because I continue to experience this…and in the last 2 years He has grown me and shown me more than I ever thought I could handle or understand! He arose in me in the most freeing and extravagant way that words won’t do justice!

We are a part of a home church that meets on Friday nights, and it is such a cherished part of our continual growth in The Lord, and with people who love to serve Him without reserve! Since we are leading worship a lot at different churches and places, it’s so life-giving to have a place to come home to that is a steady and regular part of our lives and one of the most important things we do. Not only do we travel and head out on crazy mission trips together with this group, minister to and love people in our community, and pray together…but a love fills the house that I’ve never experienced anywhere, and I know without a doubt that we are covered in that love and support when we go out. Encouragement is important to the body of Christ, and as much as we receive it, we should be ready to give it! And most of the time, I feel as if I’m going to burst over what is being pouring into my life!

Can’t wait to talk more about this later in the week, as we have a lot of exciting things ahead of us! Please be praying for Brad and I and the group that we serve with, that God will equip and use us here, in Guatemala, and wherever else we are sent!

I’ll be continuing on tomorrow from here…so check back!
Thank you for taking time to read…as there is nothing special about my writing except for Jesus in it! I’m honored to serve Him, and will continue forever…

Be blessed!

Christy ❤


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