Cooking Christy: Shrimp and Grits Recipe!

Let me start by saying this: I love my hubby so much! He’s a much braver foodie than I am, and I came along with these wonderful food allergies, so I often feel bad that we don’t eat some things for dinner that maybe he would love because we’re either working around my allergies or pickiness. He doesn’t complain. But the boy LOVES seafood, and I do not. But I used to! But I liked it fried, which I can’t really do now. All that to say, I stepped out of the box a little last night, and I even loved it! Brad has been talking for weeks about his craving for shrimp and grits. I decided that shouldn’t be such a hard thing to accomplish! As I started looking at recipes for it, I realized that none of them were what I knew we were thinking OUR shrimp and grits should taste like. So I made my own concoction:)

You’ll need:
– Medium sized, raw, peeled, and deveined shrimp (I seriously knew nothing about purchasing the correct shrimp until someone told me!)
– Quick 5 minute Grits
– Kraft shredded Pepper Jack cheese
– diced red bell pepper
– diced white onion
– bacon (NOT pre-cooked!)
– Tony’s Creole Seasoning
– Garlic Salt
– butter

To start…cook that bacon. Set that aside when finished.

Drain out the majority of the bacon grease, leaving just enough in the pan to sauté your diced red bell pepper and onion…

Set those aside in a bowl til later…

To cook your grits, decide on how much you want to make…I did 4 servings. Fix them according to the directions…which is basically to boil your water, add the grits and cook covered on medium low for minutes…but don’t forget to stir them throughout that time frame so they don’t stick. As soon as you are finished with the basic fixin’ of the grits, you’ll want to add your Pepper Jack cheese, butter, Tony’s Creole seasoning, black ground pepper, and your bell pepper and onion that you have set aside. (Notice I don’t put exact amounts here…just know your taste…and taste it as you add! I wanted mine pretty cheesy, so I used a lot of cheese!)


Now for the shrimp! Throw your shrimp into the same pan that you cooked your bacon, red bell pepper, and onion in….and if you think you need a little more grease just throw in a smidge of butter! All these flavors are gonna rock the shrimp! Also, sprinkle a little more Tony’s Creole seasoning on the shrimp as they cook. Cook them just for a few minutes on medium-high heat…just til done! probably 5-10 minutes depending on how much you are cooking.



Ah! You’re finished! To make it all awesome and pretty…just put your grits into a bowl, sprinkle your crumbled bacon on top, and top it off with your shrimp! Wala! Seriously, soooo good!


And the happy ending…Brad loved it and said I knocked it out of the park!!! And THAT makes me very happy:)

Hope you try it and love it like we did!

Have a happy and blessed afternoon!

Christy ❤

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