Springing Forward…Yard Work…and Meal Planning!

Who loves the time change?! I do! I do! Brad and I are FANATICS about daylight savings time! Anyway, I’ll spare you the long list of reasons why…some including being able to do fun stuff later…duh! 😉 For me, it’s all about the fact that summer is just around the corner…my FAV time of year!

We spent a full day Saturday cleaning up the yard from the lovely winter mess! Sooo many leaves…and sticks…but we had a good time doing it. And so did Dooley dawg! Our nephew Cade even stopped by for a visit…of course to love on Dooley dawg:)

And on another note…Brad and I are trying to do a lot better with our meal planning! We have to eat at home a lot because of my lovely food allergies and stuff…but we really like cooking together too, when we can:) Also, we’ve started couponing a little bit….and you REALLY have to plan to do that! Some weeks don’t work as well as others, but we are learning as we go. This week I am attempting shrimp and grits, because Brad loves it and has requested it. Though I’m a little picky about that kind of thing, maybe I’ll like it!? Do any of you have great shrimp and grits recipes?

Have a great Tuesday! We’ll be leading worship at Jericho House tonight….one of my fav nights of the week!

Be blessed!

Christy ❤

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