Waking with a Song

This morning started with songwriting at Beasley studios! I love waking up with a song, and it was just coming this morning…so thankful for these days! The above picture is a screen shot of my recording app on my iPhone, with the new song I titled Gospel Truth. Shortly after finishing that song another one came that I titled, I’ve Crucified You. Both of these songs have slapped me in the face today. Can’t wait to share them soon!

And then there’s Dooley Dawg…



He’s a music lover for sure…and sometimes demands some lovin’ right in the middle of the worship times…
But with this face, who can refuse it?


I’m pretty excited about some things we have coming up in outreach and worship ministry! We had a meeting last night about some outreach we are going to be doing for kids in our area. It really made me think of the people who helped lead me when I was a kiddo. So thankful for them and hope to always remember the importance of giving our lives away.

Hope you have a good tail end of the week!

Be blessed!

Christy ❤

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