Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes


Oh, that craving that just won’t seem to go away! It was pancakes for me this week! Finally, by time Sunday came we actually had a minute to make them…and I was so pleased, as I usually am with this easy, simple, but very yummy recipe!


I’m listing the recipe here for the gluten free version I have to eat because of my gluten allergy. But, you can easily make them with all the gluten goodness you desire by just using the regular instructions on the normal Bisquick box + my extra ingredients.

    What you’ll need:

Gluten free Bisquick (or regular if you are able to eat that good stuff!)
Vanilla Almond Milk (you can use the regular milk if you choose, but I think the vanilla almond makes them a lot better)
Vegetable oil
2 eggs (I think, go by package instructions)
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
Sugar and Cinnamon

    Directions for Pancakes:

1. Prepare your batter per package instructions. (using the vanilla almond milk if you have it)
2. Then add your vanilla. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste. Now here’s the thing…I eyeball most everything. If you really like cinnamon, you may add more than some folks, just add it as you please! Same with the sugar, for a sweeter batter, add more.

    Directions for Blueberry topping:

1. Put as many blueberries as you want into a sauce pan, depending on how many you are serving. (Remember, when they cook down it seems to shrink down a bit.)
2. Then add some honey. Again, you’re eyeballing it here. It just helps add some sweetness and seems to help out the syrupy nature that you want when they are finished cooking.
3. I like to simmer mine the whole time I’m preparing and making the pancakes. I sort of mash them with the spoon as I’m stirring…this helps get all the juices flowing, also making it like a compote (isn’t that the correct cooking term for such a concoction?)
4. That’s it for the blueberries! It’s very simple and oh so tasty!

Finish it all up by serving the pancakes with a little butter, syrup (if you are like me and can’t get enough sweetness), and the blueberry “compote” 😉


Just think of all the ways you could modify this by adding your favorite flavors or fruits!

I’m hungry again just thinking about it!

Enjoy, and be blessed!

Christy ❤

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