Ordinary, but Wildly Different


We had a really sweet and encouraging meeting with some great men of God tonight, and this scripture (Acts 4:13) was brought up as we were talking about being “different” in this world. This is something we hear a lot in the church, that we are supposed to be different, and yes that is very true! I tell people all the time, that if no one ever thinks you are completely nuts in the way you serve Jesus and love people, then you are missing it! And I love how this scripture points out to us the difference in just being “different”, and in being “like-Jesus-different”.

I want people to know that on the outside, I’m just this normal girl, with normal flaws…normal silly moments, and normal struggles. But, that they would “marvel” at the unexplainable, unsensible, and unusual boldness and love that lies within and flow out…and that it would notate that I had been with Jesus!

What a thought…to be so close to Jesus that we look different because of HIM and for no other reason.

I’m leaving it there…and focusing on reflecting Jesus. After all, if I’m standing right with Him, I should be more than close enough for His light to bounce off me, right?

Sleep tight and be blessed tonight!

Christy ❤

3 thoughts on “Ordinary, but Wildly Different

  1. Nancy Domer says:

    1 John 4:18 I stand amazed at His Glory!!! You have no idea what this scripture means to my heart and soul. Iasaih 40:31. I am standing right here with Jesus and not only look different but AM different with His light in me. WOW!!! Sleep tight and be blessed says the Lord. I will now.Thank you and Jesus. God bless you,too. Hope and pray His light in me will bounce off me to all those who i can touch and even cannot touch but try through His light. He is the light of the world.

    • christybeasley says:

      Amen Nancy! I pray you have a wonderful day shining His light for all to see! Be a blessing and love others and people will definitely see His light:) Thanks for your sweet response! Have a blessed day!:)

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