Massive Mondays: Teaching, and Few Things that I Love

Today was definitely an intense one! Do you have those days where you try to cram everything you can into one in order to make the rest of the week seem more smooth? Well, sometimes I am crazy ridiculous about it! And today was one of those days….while feeling very accomplished, it was nuts!

I started cleaning house when Brad left at 5:30am, and I went a little deeper with it than I planned (I’m talking on my hands and knees scrubbing baseboards…what was I thinking?!). Ended up organizing my art cabinet after all the cleaning…then a trip to Kroger to get our weekly groceries…and then to my first class of the day that I teach at Warhill Christian Academy. Back home for private music lessons with some sweet sisters, followed by my wee little creative arts class. Check out these two cuties…

20130204-213626.jpg That’s a little mini Nino cajon the little one is playing…how cool is that!)

Wanna see another cutie?! Here’s my little niece Eliza wearing one of my Sweetheart headbands. She’s also quite the little artist! )

Do you have any fun little things that just seem to make your life interesting or quirky…or just fun? One of those things for me is old, vintage clothes pins. Not only are there so many uses for them, but I just love the old wood!

I have a pretty exciting day tomorrow!!! I will post about it soon!

Be blessed!


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