Wonderliscious Weekend

We’ve had a great weekend in our neck of the woods!

Friday I was invited to sell some of my headbands at a Matilda Jane trunk show in Gainesville…so much fun! And I did order me a skirt…can’t wait to get it in!:)

Yesterday morning I had a great time leading worship at one of my Tres Dias meetings…

Got home and was surprised to see huge snowflakes falling! It only lasted 3 minutes…and I definitely felt compelled to take a picture…and you can see ONE flake in the pic…but it’s something. And Brad’s face just makes it amazing.

We worked on our home studio recording of my original song “So Free”. This is a labor of love…but we are trying! The drums, bass, and acoustic guitar are now laid…next up…vocals…finally! Dooley dawg enjoys every exhausting moment:)

And last but not least, we were so privileged to lead worship with Joel and Stacey Goddard today! To make a long story short, when I was in high school, Joel Goddard would come and lead worship for events, or some camps we would attend. I had a heart for worship, and knew I wanted to be a worship leader at that point. He had such an influence over my life in the area of worship, and I looked up to him so much. And now, we got to worship with him together…it was a sweet moment to me. I’m so thankful for people like him who are all about Jesus, none of the flash and hype that is forced into the “worship” or current Christian music “industry”. If it’s not about Jesus, it’s false. If it doesn’t point to Him ONLY…it’s worthless…and it stinks to Him. I could preach on this all day, but I am truly grateful for true worshippers, and that Joel in particular wasn’t afraid to be who God called him to be as he played such an important role in my life early on, even when he had no idea who was watching.

So there’s the weekend! Good, busy week ahead!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great Monday!

Be blessed!

Christy ❤

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