Oh the Headbands, newest food addictions, and gfree FAILS

Good morning! This week is flying by! So much going on, in my head, my heart, and at my crafty desk! Without getting too “wordy”, I’ll document in shorties with pictures! 😉



I’ve been makings LOADS of headbands the last 2 weeks! Tomorrow I’ll be joining several other ladies at a home sale in Gainesville, and there I’ll be selling my headbands! There will be others selling home decor items, more accessories, gifts items, and Matilda Jane Clothing. If you are in the Gainesville area and interested in shopping tomorrow, email me and I’ll send you more info! After the show I’ll be posting my headbands in my Etsy Shop! (Also, are you my Pinterest friend yet?)

I started making crazy, packed smoothies this week…trying to put a little beef on my bones! We’ll see how that works, either way, I actually like it…it’s made me have a new love for Greek yogurt! Seriously I can’t stop going back to the fridge to get an extra spoonful! As you know, I’m violently allergic to gluten, and for a while gave up on certain things (like biscuits) that I love. We attempted gfree biscuits again this week…epic FAIL. Imagine biting to the stalest crouton you’ve ever eating, and add a half inch thick shell all the way around…that’s about what it was like. Won’t be trying that again any time soon! Our friends at the Jericho House blessed us with tons of fresh-from-the-farm double yolk eggs last week, so we’ve been eating those like crazy trying to knock them out! I had no idea how much better fresh eggs are! It’s like they are creamy or something! Anyone else notice this?

I just realized I have much more to say! But for the sake of having organized posts, I’ve blog another one a little later on!

Thank you so much for following my blog! Please share and invite others as I am really excited about the new things God has freshly put on my heart to share with you!

Have a blessed Thursday!

Christy ❤

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