Weekly Summary: Headband Factory!






What a week it has been! Certain times of the year I make way more headbands than other seasons…and this is an ON season! Valentines, spring fever…it just gets me going! Also, on Feb. 1st I’ll be selling my headbands at a Matilda Jane show, so I’ve been checking out their sneak peeks to try and match some colors best I can for their new spring line. Cute stuff! I’ll also be posting all these on Etsy next week! Along with headbands, I’ve been making a lot of photography props for my photographer family members. (my sister and sister-in-law are both photographers) I’ll be selling more things like this on Etsy real soon as well!

A few other thoughts for the week:
I ate WAY to much Valentines candy. I even attempted to eat some healthy veggies this week for snacks instead of the sweets I crave…but it didn’t last long. I just don’t like them. My eating of carrots and ranch ended with me licking the ranch off the carrots. Same thing with my celery and cream cheese…I lapped up every bit of cream cheese from that celery. Oh well, I tried 😉 I resorted later to my chocolate muffin with lots of butter…that’s more like it:)

I’m looking forward to leading worship in the morning at a Tres Dias meeting with a bunch of great ladies…I love how they worship Jesus! Then we’ll be heading to the streets of Atlanta to share the gospel with homeless…can’t wait! I’ve been thinking a lot this week, and I’m just so thankful for what God has done in our lives this year. I never knew I could be this free to just be me and love people, and serve exactly where Jesus would want me at any given moment. There’s nothing like being HIS!

Have a great weekend!

Be blessed,


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