Painting Memories

It’s been a busy painting week here at Beasley Studios! I had a few special custom orders that I finished this week, and I love the life in them both!

The first one is a “memory painting” that I did for a friend of mine who took a mission trip to Uganda, Africa. I absolutely LOVE doing these type paintings for people, where they give me highlights from their trip whether that’s in the way of writing, scriptures that were used, images, memories, boarding passes, themes, etc. I then take the memories I’m given and create a painting from it! So fun! The painting below is a large 30×40 inch canvas.


And this painting below is one that a friend asked me to paint as a special gift for a friend of hers. Her friend loves this quote by C.S. Lewis, as well as butterflies and flowers. So I incorporated all that and went to town…and here’s the outcome!


So there’s my week pretty much! Aside from a little songwriting and worshipping I was privileged to participate in! If you are interested in me creating a custom piece for you, just shoot me an email! These things last a lifetime, and the memories are priceless!

Have a great weekend folks!

Be blessed,


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