2013…The year to get to it already!

2013, you are gonna be some kind of year…I can feel it. Goals, dreams, visions, and how it all makes sense is finally starting to, well, make sense…that make sense? This has been such a year of healing and growth in so many areas, and I’m so thankful for the journey this year has took us on!

I have a lot of plans/goals for art, worship, and writing, and I can’t wait to share it all! In the meantime, I’ve gotta get my blog rolling and refreshed…can you help me? You can help by sharing my blog with your friends, on your Facebook wall, etc. You can also follow me on Instagram which is my fav right now! @christybeasley

I’d like to share with you a painting I did as a memory from our Thanksgiving mission trip to Guatemala! (You can find out more about that in my previous post).

If you have a certain memory you’d like to tell me about and have me creative something from it, just email me! I’m working on a huge painting for a friend right now who traveled to Uganda for a mission trip! Love capturing memories and giving a visual that will be seen every day!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend! I look forward to leading worship tomorrow night after a few weeks off!

Be blessed!



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