Quick, 30 minute Watercolor Paintings

A few weeks ago I was the worship leader for a special weekend, and while I was there to lead worship, I also had the chance to sit in the sound booth and listen to people share throughout the day. I had brought my watercolors with me, mainly because I’m not great at sitting still for hours on end:) I decided while one of the ladies was speaking, to paint her a watercolor picture depicting the theme she was talking over. Next thing you know, I ended up doing that all weekend during peoples testimonies. It was fun, and neat to see how God directed the brush and allowed me to enjoy what I love and hopefully bless some others in the process! Most of these were created in about 30 minutes with no pre-thought or plan…totally off the cuff (and off the Spirit;)

Hope they maybe even inspire you tonight!

Oh yes, and just a catch up here….I’ve had a pretty whacky week so far and it’s only Wednesday! Sometime Monday afternoon I bonked the top of my head really hard while moving some stuff around under my porch. Needless to say, I had a concussion! Everything has been pretty cloudy, and I can’t remember much of anything from Monday, but hey…I’m good now…I think! We are leading worship at Reach Church in Dawsonville, GA this Sunday morning so we’re looking forward to that! Maybe we’ll see you there!

Be blessed!

Christy xoxo









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