More and more worship!

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks in worship! We have been blessed to worship with so many different people over the last few weeks…so thankful! Don’t have much time to write at the moment, because I’m actually heading out to lead worship away all weekend for a bunch of ladies! Looking forward to it! Here are a few fun pics from a few of our latest worship experiences! Last Sunday we were at Warhill South Campus in Winder. And Tuesday we were at Sunnyside Church of God in Canton! It was neat being there with some folks I used to go to church with when I was just 7-10 years old! My old pastors came too and it was so good to catch up with them and testify about all the great things God has done! Don’t know why I didn’t think to get a picture taken with them!:( Maybe next time!:)

Have a blessed weekend! Can’t wait to get back home Sunday and get some fall fun going on here!

Christy xoxo








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