Consistent Living

Ooops, Lord, I did it again. Seems like that’s common for many of us, obviously with different “repeat ooopsies” that we seem to fall into. And many times it’s not really bad things that get us. We can get so sidetracked and blinded with good things, and good works. If were confessing here, I’ll tell ya, my “repeat ooopsie” is busy distractions. And it’s usually good things! That makes it so much harder for me. I loooooove doing good things. But God doesn’t consider it very good if it robs our peace, and rest, and unhindered time with Him. I have to admit, I’m good at prayer time, and Bible time, and enjoying His Presence….but it’s the resting of my mind and body that I miss. I think we sometimes forget that we actually sin when we don’t obey even the littlest commands of The Lord. The command “to rest”, to “be still and know that I am God”, to “not worry”…and so many more. How about the story of Martha and Mary…Martha was so busy and concerned with good things. She loved Jesus very much! But she was so busy she missed out on what He really wanted. He wanted her to be a peace, and rest, and just enjoying His Presence like Mary was. I’ve realized something…some of it I learned from looking at myself, and then experiencing the same feeling in watching others as well. When we are busying ourselves out of control, scurrying around, and always rushing, we are making those around us restless as well. It makes everyone in the room feel like they can’t rest either. No one can fully enjoy themselves when another in the room is out of control with their thoughts, words, and actions. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Maybe you yourself is the busy-body? Or maybe someone around you? It’s tiresome. I’ve been the busy-body, and I’ve been around the busy-body. God used it to show me a very important lesson: That if we aren’t at peace, we are missing something very important, and it’s usually Him we are missing. He is a God of peace and rest. Below is a scripture He used to bring it home for me this morning.


Lord, I want my life to “thank you” by the way I live it….keeping my focus on you…slowing down enough to enjoy the simplicity of Your sweet Presence. I want those around me to be drawn to your loving-kindness and perfect peace. Help me to daily eliminate the distractions that cause me to break your commands. I long to consistently reflect you Jesus! And thank you for still loving me when I fail at these things. You are an amazing God! Amen!

Have a blessed day folks!

xoxo Christy


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