Scrappy Flower Art

What an artsy week it has been around here! I was commissioned to complete a fun, mixed media piece of art for a sweet gal, and it turns out others wanted one as well…including me! In the midst of a crazy, busy week I ran back to Home Depot for some more wood so I could get to work! I created 3 more, and have several smaller versions on the way. The ones pictured below are 33.5 inches tall by 11.5 inches wide. So eye catching! These are $65 each:) Let me know if you’d like one for yourself or for a very special gift for someone else! (Ya know, Christmas is only 97 days away!)



On another note, last night was so great at Jericho House! If you have’t been following my blog long, Jericho House is a 12 month mens rehabilitation program in Cleveland, GA. We have been going up there for almost 2 years now on Tuesday nights. We lead worship, and share the word with them, and really just love those guys so much! We’ve seen God do some great things there and through the guys when they graduate the program. So thankful we get to be a part of seeing God rearrange and change their lives! Something was just great last night in worship. I feel like we all just stepped right into the Presence of God at the beginning and it was just a very blessed time. And we ended the night there with Brad’s FINAL birthday blow-out! Birthday doughnuts with the boys!


Whew…this has been a long week of celebrating Brad’s birthday…I’m tired!:)

Good night!

Christy ❤

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