Woodsy Fall

I’m not quite sure why I LOVE the woods so much! In so many different ways…I love walking through the woods, biking through the woods (will post some new pics of that later), but I also just like things from the woods…..like pinecones, leaves, sticks, acorns…I love that stuff! I love decorating my house with it, especially this time of year! (Actually, I’ll do a post of some of my home decor later showing you the use of woodsy in your home….ideas, ideas!)

So, on to some more business….I’ve been making and selling some really fun fall headbands and accessories! Come on folks, don’t go to a chain store to buy someone a fun and thoughtful gift when you can get something one-of-a-kind! I’m going to attempt to start working on my Christmas crafting for folks early this year….so if you’d like to order anything to give or enjoy yourself, come on and let me know! I’ll be making lots of fun things, and working on a few paintings today, whoo hoo!

Here’s some ideas of some of the things I’ll have for sell on my new Etsy Shop soon!
– Hand painted kitchen towel sets
– scarves
– more headbands
– wrist wear (bows, feathers, and more to wear on your wrist!)
– woodsy necklaces
– paintings
– candle holders
– decorated mason jars

….and I could keep the list coming but I need to get started first!

But for now, here’s a few woodsy shots from a few days ago…and I’m wearing of one my headbands from my newest fall line! They are so comfy and such a great addition to dress up your fall wear! Most are only $10! Order this week and you can get 3 for $25!

Have a happy Thursday folks! I’m off to paint!

Be blessed…








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