Crafty time of year!

This week was one spent with lots of painting and creating! I love this time of year! People are getting excited about fall, and Christmas is just around the corner! Maybe you have some folks in your family or circle of friends who would love something uniquely handmade:) Can’t wait to get up some more inventory and post it on my Etsy store that I plan to relaunch in a week or so! Until then you can find ideas on my blog and just email me to place an order or to inquire about my art.

Here’s a few custom paintings that left my studio this past week!



And here’s a sneak peek of a necklace series I’m making and LOVING! Getting so much feedback from these crafty beauties! I’ll share more about the story behind them soon, but it comes from one of my recent original song titled “Your Mark on Me”. I’m making them in all colors, but I just love the red!



And some lovely little Instas… (I made some fun hand painted magnets from rocks!


Who’s excited about the long weekend coming up?! Brad and I sure are!
Hope you have a great one!

Be blessed!



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