That Person on Your Heart…street ministry day.

We go to about 5 stops around downtown Atl. We get to the “bridge to nowhere” and there she stands at the gate waiting on us…a 56 year old lady…homeless…hopeless…tired and hungry. Yes, she smells of alcohol as she did the last time we visited, but I haven’t given up on her and the miracle I know God wants to work in her life. I’ve thought about her and prayed for her so many times since the last time we ministered to her over a month ago. God had touched her then as we reminded her that there was no hope in alcohol, and that her sin was killing her. And she knows this to be true but has continually believed a lie from the devil that this is just who she is. But it is not who she is. The devil doesn’t deserve her after all Jesus went through for her sweet life. She’ll find him…she just doesn’t know it yet. But I know something happened in her this Saturday. As we walked up you could tell that she was embarrassed to still be in the same place and struggling with the same issues she was a 6 weeks prior when we shared the gospel with her. She recognized us and welled up with tears right off the bat. We loved on her and expressed to her the importance of turning from her lifestyle of sin and turning to Jesus with all her junk. To make a long story short, we prayed for her and I just felt a sense of peace in knowing that God is going to become real to her, and she’s gonna be set free….I just know it! It was actually pretty sweet and funny….when we finished praying she was crying and said, “What was that? That tingly feeling that went all the way down from my head? I’ve never felt anything like that before….the Spirit of God?”/em> “Yes, we said, that was Jesus touching you…” She was in awe that He would touch her like that…I could just see it all over her face. As she walked away to get her plate of food, she kept looking back and even said, “Wow…I feel like I can’t even walk away…God touched me.”

And that is right, God touched her. Please join with me in praying for this sweet lady. It’s not too late for her, and I believe that God is going to help her where she is, and take her where He wants her…as soon as she surrenders…and she will:)

We love Atlanta street ministry…I love seeing God at work and serving with others who are being His hands and feet.

Be blessed!





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