Bangs! :)

Hey folks! Don’t have much time to write this evening…but we sure have had a great day ministering the gospel on the streets of Atlanta! I will write about this and post some pics about that tomorrow evening! We are leading worship at Real Life Church in Cleveland, GA in the morning, so I need to get to sleep ASAP! But I did want to share with you a quick post I just did for Platinum Scissors Blog tonight!

I went in this week with one of those “hair dilemmas”…you know, the ones where you find yourself standing in front of your own mirror with your own craft scissors contemplating chopping away at your locks? Maybe none of you are that crazy, but I am…just a tad. I did refrain thank goodness! I made it in to see my amazing stylist, Sonya Burt at Platinum Scissors and she gave me a great new cut and style! I had 3 inches cut off my length and got me some bangs! I LOVE them so much!!! They have been so much fun already! Here’s a few pics below that I did for their blog. Hope you enjoy and that it inspires you to do something fun for fall! Check back tomorrow for some cool ministry stuff! 🙂

Be blessed!






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