Busy Weekend LOVE :)

Well it was a great weekend! We really love our Saturday mornings around here chillin’ in the sunroom with coffee and usually BACON:)

Changed my guitar strings…sooooo needed!

Had dinner with the BFF’s….also sooooo needed!:)

And had a great time leading worship on Sunday with Pastor Don Allen at Warhill South campus in Winder, GA. Steve Price is the new campus pastor there and we are believing God to do great things in that area! The people worshipped their hearts out and it was an honor to be a part.

After church we were treated to a great lunch at Chateau Elan….needless to say…I ate sooooo much pork! Pork loin, sausage, AND bacon…and lots of it! Good food with great folks:)

Then had our usual Beasley gathering with the niece and nephew playing legos with uncle B-rad!

Sorry for the big pile of pictures with not much order or control! Brad has me tuned into watching the movie Captain America and I get lost easy….can’t miss the plot now!

Can’t wait to write about some more stuff that’s on my heart tomorrow! Have a great night!!!

Be blessed,











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