No Matter What

There’s a song I wrote last August when God was teaching me a huge lesson on LOVE. He took me through a season of teaching me what real love really looks like. It simply took someone caring enough to remind me that “I am loved no matter what.” And as simple as that sounded, I don’t think I really believed it…and it was soooo profound to me to hear! I saw in His word how HE loved people, and I began to really see deeper just how much He loves me! No matter what I do, what I accomplish, what I think I should be….He loves me no matter what. Yes, God showed me this by using amazing people and experiences and His divine word…and there is honestly nothing like the assurance of knowing that I’m not expected to be anything but what God created me to be! I am sooooo incredibly thankful for this sweet lesson that has changed my life and will forever stay with me and touch others! Because I believe that God grows us and teaches us so that we can be a blessing to others, and touch them with His amazing, life-changing LOVE. I’ve been able to love people from a heart that isn’t even mine…it’s HIS. I’m not capable of what He’s called me to, but He is MORE than capable and I’m not afraid of wherever He choses to lead me, or who He calls me to LOVE…I am His and ready:)

I really wish I could say more on this, but feel as if I’m just supposed to leave it at that for you! I pray that God ministers to you personally with His amazing LOVE just as He did for me. There is nothing more important than His love. And there is nothing greater that we need to be equipped with than the ability to love people with the heart of God. LOVE must be the center:)

If there’s anything I can pray with you about, seriously let me know. I feel really strong about ministering on this subject of LOVE. And if this is something you’d like to hear a little more about, feel free to email me and I’d love to talk more.

(below is a painting I did with this message of LOVE)

Be blessed!




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