Atlanta Street Ministry

We really love getting to go to Atlanta some Saturdays and share the gospel with hurting, homeless people there. I remember the first time I went, I was definitely a little scared, not knowing what to expect from the people. What would they be like? Are they mean? Are they dangerous? It’s funny what we get taught about the “city”, and the people that live there. We usually hear more about the “danger”, but I quickly learned that the “danger” is that they don’t know Jesus, and they are dying without hope of an eternity with Him. There is an awesome couple down there who run the ministry we join…we call them “mom and pop”, and so do the homeless people down there that they serve each week. Their ministry is called “About My Daddy’s Business”, and I highly recommend you check them out and support them however you can! Mom and Pop are the sweetest couple! Mom gets up early every single Saturday morning and cooks a wonderful, hot and delicious pasta stew in a couple huge pots. Every day they are collecting breads, chips, snacks, and drinks to hand out along with the amazing meal. It’s really mind blowing to see actually. They load it all in their cargo van, we pray, and hit the streets! We typically stop around town at about 4 different locations, where we hop out, throw out a table, load it with all the stuff to fill their tummies, and we just go to people as we feel led and feed their “spiritual tummies”. The people are generally very thankful, and we see God do some really neat stuff. There are kids out there too in some of the neighborhood areas we stop at. I pray for them everyday, that God will protect them like He did me, keep them safe, and give them hope beyond where they are currently living. I know it is possible! And I know that God can use them to stop this generational curse in their families…amen!

Anyhoo, enough preaching…I just get a little excited about Jesus:) There is nothing better than sharing the Gospel, because it’s what Jesus told us to do, plain and simple. Everyone needs it, we have it to give.

And seriously, if you are in the Atlanta area and would like to come out with us sometime, check out the website for “About My Daddy’s Business”. Also, Mom and Pop run this ministry in faith that God will supply, and He does through their own finances, and people who give toward their ministry, and donate items. If you can help in this way it would be amazing!

Happy Saturday to you!

Be blessed,




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