Vacation and Anniversary Celebration!

Well here we go! I hate that I’m not getting to blog everyday…even every week is crazy right now…but I’m looking forward to what God is doing and getting ready right now even! Cool stuff on the way in the area of worship and art, so I’m holding on! 🙂

Last week Brad and I went on a much needed and anticipated vacation! It had been many years since we were able to just get away by ourselves to the beach like that…and we soaked up every minute of it! We went to St. Augustine, FL….the weather was beautiful. We took it easy, no plan, went to the beach, the pool, the town, and to dinner….and God even gave us some pretty sweet opportunities to share the Gospel with some people on the streets of St. Augustine. I’m gonna hold off on sharing about that til my next post because I’d really like to take the time to share with you something God really showed Brad and I.

It was also our 12th anniversary! How crazy is that! We are blessed with a great marriage and thankful for what God has put together and what he has called us to as a couple. I love that we get to do ministry together, lead worship together, write, and lead others into a real relationship with Jesus…..there’s nothing better!

Enjoy a few pics from our trip and have a blessed day!













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