Today is a bit of a quick random ramble….but hey…that’s what I got:)

My sister-in-law, Alicia Beasley, is a photographer…(and so is my sister, Amanda Norton, crazy huh?!)…anyway, Alicia took these pictures as we sang at a wedding a few weeks ago…and I love them!  It was a super hot day, and my allergies were freaking out, but it was beautiful.  And for some reason, today is June 17th and I’m freezing to death!  I surely had on the seat warmers in the truck on the way home from leading worship….really I did.

Anyhoo….just wanted to post these pictures to the blogworld out there, and leave you with a little encouragement while I’m at it.  It’s crazy how God reminds us of our blessings and causes us to shift our focus further into His Kingdom at the most uncommon  times.  I started thinking about how easy it is to complain sometimes over the silliest things….mine is usually being cold….seriously…I think the main thing I ever complain about is being cold!  And here’s the thing, as I was sitting here today shivering, in June I might add, I thought to myself…”ummm, why don’t I just change and put on warmer clothes?”  Wow, what a revelation!  🙂  But when I really stop to think about it, what a luxury that is…to have the option to put something else on.  I know it’s summer, and we often don’t think about people being cold this time of year, but let’s remind ourselves, there are people, and children that go to sleep shivering every night because they don’t have proper clothing, or even a blanket!  They are sleeping on the ground, or in tents, or in ditches even.  Can you even imagine what kind of sleep they actually get?  And we are so quick to complain when our clothes don’t fit like we would want, or the fabrics aren’t comfy enough, or we are too hot or too cold….we are spoiled.  I’m guilty.  Let’s just be reminded today to be thankful that we have a sweatshirt we can put on when we get the least bit cool, and that we have blankets on our comfy beds.  Thankfulness…it’s a great thing.

Have a blessed afternoon folks!

Christy Beasley

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