What’s Happenin’…. :)

Well, been busy!  The hubby and I have been really blessed leading worship at various places throughout each week….God always knows how to fill us!  We are experiencing such a sweet love of God, and a love for His people, His sheep, and doing life and worship with each other is what we were created for….so it’s a JOY!:)

I realize I’m so behind on my blog!  So here’s some randomness:

God has really been convicting me about REST.  I’m terrrrrrrible at it. But I’m working on it 😉  More blogging will be a byproduct, because it’s a very chill activity for me:)

Well over a month ago now I led worship in Pensacola, FL…spent 4 hours on the beach…wore TONS of 30spf sunscreen…still got burnt…and literally just have stopped peeling.  awesome.  Moral of this story…DON’T TRUST WIN DIXIE BRAND SUNSCREEN 🙂

2 churches we’ve recently led worship at in the Gainesville area….LifePoint Church, and Christ Church.  There are some great folks at both these places!  They love Jesus, they love people, and it has been a joy to worship with these folks!  If you’re looking for a church in the Gainesville area…check them out!:)  We’ll be back at both of them this Sunday…AM @LifePoint, PM @Christ Church

We traveled with our BFF’s and fellow worship leaders to Douglas, GA about 4.5 hours south this past weekend…..we were sooooo blessed!  We stayed in the pastors home, and their family ministers sooo well.  It was such a quick trip…but we left feeling like we’ve known them forever.  Aside from a sweet worship service, the time spent on the porch and at the kitchen counter talking was just a sweet time:)  So, if you’re in Douglas, GA (NOT DouglasVILLE)….check out Covenant Church!

Also I’ve been busy getting ready for the upcoming Tres Dias weekend that I’ll be leading worship at!  We’ve been having our weekly meetings and times of worship and I know God is preparing for a great weekend in June!

Aaaaand we are experiencing God in new ways in our small group….can’t wait to see what God does next!

Whew….other things…..lots of art happening…songwriting…music teaching…recording….planning nights of worship….God is on the move and we are hanging on 🙂

Here’s two of my recent “Lyric Art”.



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