D.I.V.E. w/ Rita Springer!

Goodness y’all…I really am behind on my blog!  So let me get right to it and maybe this post will help explain my delay!  Three weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to spend a full week with Rita Springer and about 10 other gals for what is called “D.I.V.E. School of Worship”  (stands for Deep Innovative Vertical Expression).  It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been a part of.  Rita rented us a lake house where we all stayed…and we laughed and cried and bonded and grew and got creative and crazy! We stayed up crazy late talking and laughing like middle school girls…it was hilarious!

Rita was such an inspiration to me throughout the week.  Without getting too personal, I was just amazed at her deep care, and the real love she showed me…and it quickly felt like I had known her forever.  She is such a blessing to me, as well as a blessing to the worship community.  I’ve been encouraged by her music since I was a young girl, so it was just magnified realizing that I’m now being encouraged face-to-face by this giving, selfless, wise woman of God….who is just so real at the same time.  It was great just sitting around the table or at the couch, hearing her stories of past and current life, and her listening to mine as well.  What a God we serve who allows us such sweet and perfectly ordained times with His flock!  I am blessed beyond words!

Trying not to write a book (not at this moment anyway 😉 ), but wanted to share with you just a smidge of what God did through my week at DIVE.  We obviously spent a lot of time in worship, and prayer, and soaking in sooo much real knowledge and wisdom from Rita and others.  A good chunk of the week was spent in songwriting, learning more about creative songwriting, using journaling as a tool, and even just thinking different about our use of words.  We actually had to present an original song on our last full day, so a lot of time was spent throughout the week working on songs with others and having a great time at it:)  I’ve been writing songs for years now, and had experienced a new wave of it about 6 months before attending DIVE, so I have now just seemed to explode with more creative writing, and flooded with many songs!  Brad and I are preparing to record again, and have been busy leading worship all around….we are loving this season and all that God is doing!  God revealed so much at DIVE that I won’t post in the this blog right now, but it is coming soon 🙂

There are so many awesome gals from DIVE that I miss dearly!  We formed such a bond there and I know I’ve made some lifelong friends….and I can’t wait to see them again!

Enjoy a few pictures below:)

Be blessed!



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