Singin’, Grillin’, Farmin’, Hangin’…

It’s been another full week!  The week started off by leading worship (always fun) 🙂  Then on Monday I had my first meeting for the Tres Dias weekend I’m leading worship for in June….pretty excited about that! 🙂  Tuesday, Brad and I decided to plant our first garden!  Broccoli, brussel sprouts (side note, why does spell check always think that the spelling for “brussel” is wrong?  I’ve looked it up…it’s totally correct!), sweet peas, lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, herbs….I’m probably forgetting something, but you get it.  With my crazy food allergies, we’re hoping this will help even more!  We had a lot of fun doing it anyway.  Then we rewarded ourselves by grillin’ some gianormous steaks and veggies.  Sooooo goooood 🙂  Wednesday we were blessed to lead worship at Elevate Student Ministries at WarHill church….(maybe I can figure out how to post a little video of that).  I also got to have some good fun with the nieces and nephews this week….good stuff!  Now I’m about to make a few more hair clips and work on the worship set for tonights service!  Hope you all are having a great Friday!!!!

Be Blessed!!!

Christy Beasley


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