Love me some worship time…

Hey folks!  Whew, it’s been a busy, busy week!  My plan is to update my blog every couple of days so I don’t have to play catch up….but looks like that didn’t happen 😉  Here’s a brief of the week:

I’ve been doing a lot of painting this week!  Got a few out the door and have a few more to deliver tomorrow!  I’m addicted to pom poms right now.  And I’m pretty pumped about my new mini-pom-pom maker I got at Hobby Lobby the other day:)  

Tuesday night we had a great night of worship at Jericho House with our dear brothers there!  I sure do love that place and those guys.  It’s awesome what God can do in the midst of what seems to be a devastating time of life for people, and it’s a joy to see and hear those guys worship their hearts out with me….they bless me each week.

Wednesday night we led worship at WarHill Church in Dawsonville, GA.  That was an incredible night as people basically came running to the feet of Jesus to worship Him and pour their hearts out.  I was thrilled to be able to just stand on the stage and encounter Jesus myself as everyone just ushered in His Presence.  How blessed are we that He comes to be with us in such a powerful way when we truly seek Him?!  It is my intention to walk into every service I lead, and seek only to please Jesus with the cry of my heart.  All else fades away, and Jesus is honored.  

Friday night we had another sweet time of worship at our home church meeting!  It’s so sweet how God will come so powerful in some places, and so sweetly in others.  Doesn’t He know exactly what we need?  Doesn’t He know what pleases His own heart?  He poured Himself out and ministered to us in such a personal way, and I’m so thankful for that group and the love that floods from the Father’s heart there 🙂

This morning Brad and I had to do something we have never had to do before…..go our separate ways and worship at two different churches! 😦  Hard story to explain, but basically we each had calls within an hour of each other for me to lead worship at one church, and Brad to play drums at another.  Both places were really in need, so we split to help the best we could.  Although we really missed being in worship with each other, I know God used it and had His purpose:)  He is just so good like that.  

Well, the week starts over tomorrow!  And it’s another wild one!  I have a day full of teaching music lessons, and then off to my Tres Dias head meeting!  I’m the worship leader for the weekend coming up in June.  Look forward to meeting new people and serving with hearts after God!

Enjoy the randomness below!

Be Blessed!

Christy Beasley








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